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  • IDM has recently introduced to the Dispenser family the new Click Dispensers product line. 
    The Click Dispenser is not only a new born product in the dispenser family but also a whole new innovation and concept to be introduced to the industry.
    One of its kinds the Click Dispenser is immaculately designed for beauty, precision, and functionality.
    Just like its relative the cereal dispenser success story, the Click Dispensers are the next best seller produced by the IDM innovative team.
    The Click Dispensers product line is the one and only line that created specifically to work with delicate dry foods such as coffee, flour, sugar, spices, and other powders.
    The beauty of that next power Seller is its ability to dispense a precise, premeasured amount of powder every time by its “powder-release” function and a simple click.This feature is what makes this product cost effective & environment friendly since it prevents the waste of sugar, coffee or any other powder. 
    The Click Dispensers maintains the aroma of the powder and keeps moisture and air out so you can finally get rid of all the glass jars in your cabinets and maintain a clean, sanitary and cost saving environment. Developed for the commercial market, IDM click dispensers are ideally suited for use in large offices, commercial settings, cafeterias, dining halls, resort clubs, and any other catering environment.