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  • IDM dry food dispensers became the perfect solution in the catering business and have created a real revolution amongst thousands of users that were looking to expand their business.
    IDM dry food dispensers are designed and manufactured using only high-quality materials.
    The dispensers are durable, easy-to-use, and popular in the commercial food industry.
    Our dispensers are subject to a strict quality control process before being released to the market to make sure that the end user will be fully satisfied with the product.
    Using advanced research and development methods, IDM constantly creating new innovations to meet the most discriminating needs of today’s consumer.
    IDM dry food containers enable any organization, big or small alike, to serve food in an aesthetic, convenient and fresh manner without the problems of people’s hands coming in contact with the food.
    IDM dry food dispensers are the perfect solution for the retail and wholesale market by storing a large variety of dry foods such as: grains, salad bar toppings, candy, coffee beans, snacks and much more.