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  • Early on in 2010, IDM has launched another bran new line of state of the art   beverage dispensers. IDM is proud to introduce the Como & Garda Drink Dispensers: Greatly efficient, with a unique Hi Tech design that offers a hygienic, clean sensation in the dining room buffet. The IDM beverage dispenser preserves your drinks and maintains them in a cool temperature which enables you to enjoy an ice cold beverage anytime you desire. The IDM beverage dispenser provides a simple and esthetic solution to your dining room buffet storage needs and is cleverly suited for hotels, hostels, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, hospitals and much much more. IDM has accumulated thousands of outstanding reviews and has based itself as a global leader in the food dispensers and food service field.

    In the coming future, idm will design a new line of attractive drink dispensers in various models for both the commercial and domestic markets .our product line will set a new tone and create a brand new standard in the Food Dispenser industry.