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  • In recent years the dry food industry went through an evolution of its own. Many dry food manufactures were looking to distribute their foods easier and faster to capture a larger share of the market while conveniently using food dispensers.During the same period IDM recognized the need for customizing their dispensers for the manufacturer’s private use, and developed a custom labeling product line to fit the client specifications.

    The custom labeling of dispensers was a new avenue to capture a larger market share, easy advertisement, and better marketing of their brand. IDM in collaboration with the Dry food Industry found a new niche for increased revenues, and a growing market that was hidden for many years.The new trend took off and became a popular commodity with the dry food industry to accommodate the various packaged food and beverages companies.
    IDM’s new customized labeling line changed its motto to “if you can dispense it, we can customize it”!