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  • We always have our favorite things in life just like our best pair of shoes , our favorite shirt or our favorite meal, but did we ever think about wha is our favorite breakfast ? or there are certain things in life we do out of habit ?


    Most of us are in a certain rush in the morning, either it is work, school or even a golf game… so it is our nature as humans to do everything in the morning out of habit…First shower, then get dressed , and of course have our coffee with breakfast, which should be the focal point of our morning , where we relax a bit before starting our hectic day.

    So why not make it a real easy and good experience by having everything handy and ready for us ? just like we hang our suites in a certain order , fold our cloths in the closets, so why not have our coffee   in a coffee  dispenserand  near by on the same counter a decorative  cereal dispenser as well to make our breakfast a pleasant experience before we heading out?

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Establishing a regular eating pattern is the key to weight control throughout your life. Breakfast is important not just for the nutritional benefits but for the mental benefits as well. Studies have reported that kids who eat breakfast do better academically than those who skip or have inadequate breakfast. Non-breakfast eaters report shorter attention spans and are more prone to obesity and other related diseases, as they end up eating snacks that are high in fat and sugar and contain low nutritional value.

    The rush in early morning tends to encourage many adults to skip breakfast entirely, or merely grab a cup of coffee on the run. Children, too, may either skip breakfast chronically, or make random choices of food if they fall back on their own resources. Cereals are a great choice for all family members who are low in time and busy in the morning. Ready-to-eat cereals supply B-vitamins and minerals, such as iron and zinc, which are essential for healthy growth and development. Milk boosts those benefits with additional calcium and vitamins D, A and B12.

    A cereal dispenser is the ultimate solution for cereal eaters. This countertop dispenser has an airtight seal that keeps cereals at maximum freshness while saving time and even controlling portion sizes. There are no more open cereal boxes on the kitchen countertops, no more spills and the cereals stay fresher longer. They are easy to use and clean. in addition we offer snack dispenser that used for many kinds of snacks like : chittose dispenser, nut bars, dry fruits.

    Our Cereal dispensers come in a large variety of containers per stand, in order to store different types of cereals. They are available in different materials such as stainless steel, metal and plastic. You can choose your favorite design and color to suit your kitchen décor. The high quality materials keep the dispenser robust and solid for years. All parts of the cereal dispenser are suitable for food and comply with local and international health authorities such as the FDA BGA, EEC and NSF approvals.

    Cereal dispensers are the best choice for starting the day in a great way!

  • How many of us have our cereal and coffee for breakfast every morning ?

    Well here is an interesting place i found that combines the two and makes it a special morning  experience….

    IDM Cereal dispensers are stylish and space-saving designs. That will improve your kitchen experience and make it more efficient. IDM cereal dispensers are available in many designs so that you can find one that fits your décor, taste and needs    Cereal Dispensers

    and with IDM coffee dispensers make your coffee drinking experience even more enjoyable. Our dispensers are designed to help make less mess and reduce the effort in making coffee. They seal in the flavor and freshness of the coffee.

    Coffee dispenser

  • We all look into a perfect solution to use with our storage in the  kitchen , nowdays that kitchen spaces become part of   our living room , we want to make it well designed . one of the popular tools and storage are coffee dispensers that located can be mounted to wall or stand on the shelf.
  • Are we really confused every morning when we open our kitchen cabinet to pick our breakfast and stare at the Cereal selection in front of us ? or we really certain about our choices when we first wake up in the morning.


    We all have certain habits that hard to break , especially when it comes to our diet, some of us believe in health food, others eat almost everything , from good to bad , and from junk to health, but we always find that some habits in life are hard to break.

    I believe that it is the same when it comes to our breakfast , and most of us have a healthy breakfast of one kind or another , and just like the way we drink our tea or coffee in the morning we eat our cereal if it is cold or hot , before we leave the house for work.

    Just like anything else , we like everything in the morning to be very accessible and handy for us , we buy coffee machines and coffee dispenser to do the work, we own electric water pots , and  we decorate our counter with cereal dispensers as well, all of that makes our morning easier , when we know our favorite coffee and cereal are within easy reach , and makes our morning something we look forward to as well.