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  • IDM Candy dispenser possesses a friendly and clever portion control mechanism that allows you to dispense exactly the quantity of candy you desire. Our dispenser preserves your candy and keeps it fresh while storing it in a unique and exclusive design that will keep your surroundings clean.

    IDM Candy Dispenser allows users to dispense measured amounts of a wide selection of candy, serve after serve, while eliminating messy spills and clumsy storage bags.

    The IDM Candy Dispenser is suited for the commercial market while also meeting the needs of domestic use and has managed to set a whole new standard in the industry.

    The IDM Candy Dispenser’s clever portion control mechanism gives you complete control over the quantities you dispense and will solve all your storage and dispensing difficulties. The
    IDM Candy Dispenser is one of IDM’s finest products and has had thousands of satisfied customers through out the years. Our clever and original portion control mechanism has managed to provide the perfect solution for clean and cost effective candy dispensing, saving you both money and precious time. Moreover, the dispenser displays your candy in an elegant fashion and will add unique and elegant beauty to the space where it is displayed.
    The IDM Sugar Dispenser is an outstanding unique product which a enables you to dispense an exact measured teaspoon of sugar with every click thanks to its smart portion control mechanism. IDM’s Sugar Dispenser allows you to control your sugar intake so you have perfect control of the taste of your drink and of your health!

    The IDM Sugar Dispenser is a bran new product which created an amazing revolution in the submission of food service.The sugar dispenser guarantees that you will dispense an exact teaspoon or half a teaspoon of sugar into your cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

    IDM Sugar Dispenser was only launched this year and has already sparked remarkable interest in the international food serving industry.
    The high quality sugar dispenser’s exquisite design will surely catch your eye and it’s modern and Meticulous  appearance will undoubtedly spice up every room.

  • We all have that notion that candy is always intended only for kid …  But. Is it realy ?

    How many times we hear other adults say ' ihave a sweet tooth '  tonight , referring to their urge to have something sweet , if it is a cake , a candy , or anything to fulfill the urge no matter where or when.

    I am sure most of us heard that statement many times , especially when we live at home with someone else , if it is our kids, or other adults, we all have a need for sweet candy taste , and usually kids grab a coin and run to the candy machine to dispanse their candy, so why not make it a pleasant experience and have a candy dispenser at home ? Why let that candy float all over in our cabinet and get spoiled in time? Why not display it in a fashionable candy dispenser somewhere at home? Not only as part of the design. But also as part of controlling the usage by our kids, keeping it fresh and tasty, and enjoying the colorful display as well.

    Candy dispenser becomming more and more a trend , just like every other designer item , and not only for commercial use but also for home use….