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  • Summer time is here ! we all have been waiting patiently and was “thirsty” for the best season of the year, but did we also prepare ourselves to handle it right? all that heat and sun, how we going to crunch that thirst?

    study by the University of Washington shows that beverages is not only for your thirst, if you drink a cup of water before going to bed you actually will not feel hungry at night, if you make sure to drink 5 to 8 cups a day you might prevent cancer, heart condition and other diseases, as well as increase your awareness and higher ability to concentrate at work, read easily and help memory, so it is crucial for all of us to keep our beverages handy throughout the day, those beverage dispensers at the hall ways are not there for decoration only, they are the most used machines all year long and especially during the summer season, that is the next best thing to drinking enough water every day since not all of us like just water, most of us like our flavored drinks, make sure you find a beverage dispenser everywhere you stay or go, if its in the office, or while you drive and stop for gas at the gas station, most of them have a drink dispenser or any other combination of obtaining a beverage!  have a fun Summer! and keep on drinking your beverage portion for the day!