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  • Since its inception in 1995, Idea Development Manufacturing Ltd. (IDM) designs and develops a unique range of dry food dispensers such as cereal dispenser, snack dispensercoffee dispenser, candy dispenser, coffee bean dispenser and other dry food dispensers for commercial, retail, and private label use.


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  • In the modern age, many of us feel that we simply work too hard, sleep too little and that everything around us is too complicated. It is the little things in life that can bring a smile to our face: having a nice meal, seeing a beautiful object or noticing that our daily routines and habits are easier than they used to be. IDM takes pride in creating lifestyles that are more simple, more efficient and more timesaving than ever before.

    IDM Dry Food dispensers are designed to make sure that your favorite foods are exactly where and how you want them: Beautifully displayed, fresher than ever and always ready for you with a simple twist of handle. IDM offers its clients the ability to choose from a wide range of dispensers for a big variety of food applications. Amongst our growing product line, you can find creative solutions for various markets such as: coffee bean dispensers, candy dispensers, ice cream topping dispensers, natural food dispensers, cereal dispensers, coffee and powder dispensers and many more.
    When we receive an enquiry for our products, it is our mission to make sure that client's receive the perfect model, best mechanism and most elegant design to suit their exact need.

    Throughout our history, we have supplied dispensers for hotels, dispensers for caterers, dispensers for health stores, dispensers for ice cream shops, dispensers for coffee bars, dispensers for restaurants and many many more. Our dispensers have put a complete end to unsealed bags, messy buffets and waste on the counter.
    Many times our clients tell us: We wish cereal was as good as an IDM cereal dispenser. We always reply the same answer: We don't make the food, we don't manufacture taste buds but we do make sure that it's always served simply, elegantly and with a great big smile.

    To buy our amazing food dispensers visit IDM's out online shop.